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Bitcoin Athena Sailor suit NFT

Bitcoin Athena Sailor suit NFT

≪Bitcoin Athena≫ series of NFT Works

The first set of NFT series works on the BitcoinSV chain aims to prove to the world that the BitcoinSV chain can produce and trade NFTs and empower NFTs with rights and interests and in kind. And for creating, the transaction cost is lower, and the speed is faster. I hope to attract more people and let more NFT creators come to the BitcoinSV chain to create.

  • 商品情報

    XSKY is a world-leading two-dimensional/R18NFT platform.

    In December 2021, based in Tokyo, Japan, the two-dimensional/R18NFT platform-XSKY will be launched worldwide with Japan's abundant two-dimensional/R18 painter resources. As one of XSKY's important strategic partners, ASA will fully escort its birth.


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